Can I check how recommendations for a particular product are built?

Frequently Bought Together provides a Recommendation explorer that shows the different products that will be displayed as the recommendations for one particular product.

To access this section, go to the app preferences and from the navigation panel click on Recommendations explorer:

After selecting a product, you will see the different kinds of recommendations available for that product (manual, automatic, global and random):

If a recommendation is not visible (because it is not visible in the online store sales channel or it is out-of-stock, for example), it will be displayed with a different style and with no position number:

The possible reasons why a recommendation may not be visible are the following:

  • The product is configured as an excluded recommendation
  • The product is tagged as a hidden recommendation
  • The product does not have an image
  • The product is out of stock
  • The product is not visible in the online store sales channel
  • The product does not exist in the store
  • The product data is temporarily not available