How do manual recommendations work?

Although the core of the Also Bought app is set to automatic recommendations, you can also use the app to manually configure recommendations.

This can be convenient if you don't have an established sales history yet or if you want to fine-tune the recommendations for a particular product.

Manual recommendations are configured on a product by product basis.

In this article, we explain how to create manual recommendations from the scratch.

You can also watch this video tutorial for step-by-step live configuration.

You will find a link to access the manual recommendation area in the app preferences page:

There you can add, remove and sort the manual recommendations for each product using a visual interface:

Manual recommendations are always displayed first. Following that, automatic, global and random recommendations are shown, in that order.

This is the initial page you will see the first time you access the module:

bcc777ea11d4ec22c9ab00773542dcc1.pngClick on the Select Product button to select the product to add recommendations. Then, check the radio button on the left side and click on the Select Product button in purple.

e5d118ec8ff3baca83cca36d2844ca8e.pngThen you will be redirected to the recommendations. As expected, there isn't any recommendation for the selected product, so let's start by adding recommendations.

Click on the Select recommendation button:
fe109a087ff5681331696398281f0cc7.pngand check all the products you want to show as recommendations. Finally, click on the Select products button:

2c43a9da0675ec901cc9d3e7d4fe7819.pngYou will see the product on the left and its recommendations on the right, as in the screenshot below:

Repeat the process for each product you want to add manual recommendations.

Note that the screenshots show products from our demo site. These manual recommendations will appear first as stated in the description: