How to bulk tag products as hidden recommendations or recommendations disabled?

You can easily exclude individual products from the recommendations by tagging them with the exact text  Hidden recommendation or disable the widget on some product pages by tagging them with the exact text Recommendations disabled.

However, we know that when you have a large number of products, doing this process for each product individually, can become a bit exhausting and tedious so here is an easy way we have found to do this if you need to tag a lot of products.

In this case, you can use a bulk editing app to bulk tag them with just a couple of clicks.

Please find below some examples of the apps that you can use and will help you achieve the previously mentioned:

You can tag an entire collection in bulk to do it for all the products in that collection. As an example, we will show you the steps to bulk tag a collection using the free app  Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tag.

Go to and install the app on your store. Once you accept the terms, you will see the following:

Let's look for the "Bulk Edit Tags" option at the top left corner and click on it. Now, we will be able to select the collection we want to bulk tag and also the tag we want to use.

Once finished, please click on Run and go back to the home page by clicking on the text "Power Tools" at the top left corner. Now, let's scroll down a bit and click on "Run Store Update" to save the changes we just made on our store and refresh the page. 

And that is it. When looking in our Shopify store, in the product section, we will find that all products from the Sale collection (The one we selected for this example) are properly tagged with the exact tag Hidden recommendation. 

With this free app, you will have many options to bulk tag products and not only per collection. We suggest you take a look at it and test it in your store to find the way of bulk tag products that works better for you and your store.