How can I change the widget location in the cart page?

Currently, the same configuration is used for the location of the app widget in both the product pages and the cart page.

You can change the widget location if you are familiar with HTML and Liquid (i.e., with Shopify theme templates).

If you want to change the placement of the app in your cart page, you first have to check the current configuration.

To do that, go to the preferences page, and locate the following button under the 'Global options' section:

After clicking on that button, you will be directed to a page where the widget position can be configured:

In the example above, the app is configured to be displayed, linked to the following element:

<div id="cbb-frequently-bought-box"></div>

Look for that element in your cart template (usually templates/cart.liquid or sections/cart-template.liquid) and move it to the desired position. If the element does not exist in your cart template, you can create it there.

We will be happy to configure it for you if you prefer so, just drop us an email.