My Ali Reviews rating appears as small squares

If you have installed the Ali Reviews app and you have recently changed your main theme, it is possible that you see that the star ratings appear as small squares instead of the configured character (starts, likes, hearts, etc) in the Frequently Bought Together widget.

This is usually caused by a misconfiguration of the Ali Reviews app that can be easily fixed.

In this case, the first thing is to ensure that the Ali Reviews application is still installed in your store. Once this is done, go to the product page and verify that the product rating is correctly displayed:

If the Ali Reviews app is installed but the product rating is not displayed, then the application has not been configured yet in your new theme. Just wait a few minutes until the application is configured with the new theme. This process should be automatically done by the Ali Reviews application.

Note that the star ratings in the Frequently Bought Together widget will be displayed correctly only if the product rating is displayed.