How can I remove the widget from specific products?

In Frequently Bought Together you can prevent the recommendation widget from being displayed on specific product pages. This is what we call Widgets disabled.

How can I remove the widget from specific products?

Frequently Bought Together offers two alternatives, either by manually selecting the products you want to avoid upselling or by tagging them in the Shopify product editing page. Even though both configurations work equally well, we strongly recommend the former over the latter.

Selecting widgets disabled manually

That said, if you want to manually configure excluded recommendations from the application user interface, just select the Recomendations tuning section on the main dashboard.

 Once inside the section, click on the Widgets disabled button:

Initially, there are no widgets disabled configured so we can start adding the products of your preference simply by clicking on the Disable recommendations for a product button,

and selecting the products in the product selector pop-up. You can check one or more products at the same time, speeding things up and minimising the configuration effort. Once you are done, click on Add.

Finally, the list of selected products will be displayed so that you can continue managing them immediately.

Tagging products with recommendations disabled

As we mentioned before, you can disable the widget on some products by tagging them with the exact text Recommendations disabled.

This tagging can be done in the Shopify product editing page: 

The tagged products are also displayed in the widget disabled configuration page. This combined view is very convenient as long as it allows you to know exactly what products do not display recommendations at a glance.