How to customise the default error message

As Shipping Rates Calculator+ displays your shipping rates as they are configured in your Shopify admin, it also displays the errors the Shopify admin and your shipping carriers throw regarding shipping rates.

There are different reasons why Shopify shows an error when trying to gather shipping rates. For example, if the cart contents are heavier than the allowable package weights, or there aren't shipping rates configured for the postal code selected.

As these are mostly configuration errors, in order to not confuse your customers and to allow translations, we show a generic error message for most errors:

You can change the text of this message on Shipping Rates Calculator+ preferences under the Advanced Preferences section.

Look at the following picture which helps you to found the property more quickly:

Please note that, if you have different carriers configured, the error can be masked during the checkout process. This is because during the checkout process, shipping rates with errors are ignored, and only shipping methods with no errors are displayed but our app will display the errors because the Shopify API does not provide the other shipping rates when there is an error.