Understanding Upsell and Cross-sell stats

Frequently Bought Together can help your sales in two ways.

First, when customers are considering buying a product, they will find in the app widget some recommended products that can be bought together with the main product. With a single click in the app's 'Add selected to Cart' button, all products are added to the cart. What initially was a single product sale has become a multiple product sale. This is called upselling.

On the other hand, the customer may look at the Frequently Bought Together widget and discover a different product that may like. The customer then clicks on that product name or image and navigates to its product page. On the new product page they decide to buy that product and add it to the shopping cart using the main 'Add to Cart' button. This is called cross-selling.

The Frequently Bought Together stats module shows a breakdown of different statistics on upsell and cross-sell so you can understand better how your customers behave and how our app can help your sales: