How does the minimum bundle price work?

Frequently Bought Together is not a discount app, but it features four different types of discounts to help the promotion of your products.

These discounts can be applied to all bundles (if you have configured global discounts) or can be applied to some manual bundles (if you have configured individual bundle discounts).

Depending on the type of discount configured, you may not know in advance how much will be discounted for individual purchases.

Maybe you have configured a discount to be applied to all bundles, and you don't want to offer a discount for those bundles that contain cheap products. Or maybe you have configured a discount for a manual bundle, and depending on the price of the variant selected of some product, you don't want to offer a discount for it.

In those cases, you can configure a  minimum total price to offer a discount for the bundle:

When that minimum amount is configured, the discount will not be offered for bundles that do not reach the minimum price. Please, bear in mind that you have to configure the minimum bundle price according to the total price of the bundle; if you have configured a 'compare at' price (the one that is crossed out) on your products, it won't be taken into consideration.

That way, if we have configured a minimum bundle price of  $120, a discount will be offered for the following bundle, as the bundle total (before discounts) is $130:

However, for the following bundle the total price is  $90, so the discount won't be offered: