Is Also Bought compatible with Langify?

If you are using Langify as your translation app it will be possible to use it to translate all texts in the Also Bought widget; both on product pages and in the cart page. 

Bear in mind that translating product names might be time-consuming, as you have to create a custom translation for each product in your store. 

Having said that, in case you have only a few products you can easily do it, but if you have a lot of products, we recommend you translate only the user interface texts (title, add to cart button, and variants (if applicable)).

Langify configuration

The most appropriate, if you have enabled Also Bought widget in the product page and cart page, is to configure the translations using the 'Custom' menu option and select the ‘Global’ section. Click on ‘Add new custom content’ for each translation you want to configure and remember to add the exact text so it is properly translated.

Below you can see an example of the Also Bought widget translated by Langify, including product names and variants:

If you have any doubt, you can find how to translate specific text from third-party apps in the Langify documentation at