Is Shipping Rates Calculator+ compatible with Langify?

If you are using Langify as your translation app it will be possible to use it to translate almost all texts in the Shipping Rates Calculator+ widget, but it will require some specific configuration.

By default, some texts from Shipping Rates Calculator+ widget include the placeholder '{location}' which allows them to change dynamically. However, Langify cannot translate dynamic texts, for this reason, it will be required to remove the placeholder '{location}' from our app by modifying the texts in the widget.

You can do the pertinent changes in the Visual preferences section of the app preferences page, in the following sections:


You need to configure a static text as, for instance, "Shipping rates available":

Location chooser

You need to configure a static text as, for instance, "Shipping to a different location?":

Countries and regions

A special mention is required for the country and region drop-downs. Translating them is possible but it may be quite tricky and require a bigger effort. If you have a lot of countries and provinces configured, you will have to configure all their translations and pay special attention to special characters like accents:

Please note that the region names come directly from the Shopify API and, unfortunately, they appear in different languages, so contiguring their translations in Langify may be difficult. We do not recommend to translate regions, only countries.

Langify Configuration

Once we have made all texts in the app widget static, we have to configure their translations in Langify. We will do it using the 'Custom' menu option, selecting the 'System Pages' section:

If you have any doubt, you can find how to translate specific text from third-party apps in the Langify documentation at

Below you can see an example of the Shipping Rates Calculator+ widget translated by Langify: