Is Frequently Bought Together compatible with alternative checkouts?

Some Shopify stores decide to use some third-party checkout system instead of the standard Shopify checkout. Examples of these alternative checkouts are Checkout X, Bold Checkout, MLVeda's Multi Currency Checkout or TeleCheckout.

As Frequently Bought Together is displayed on the product pages, it is generally not affected by which checkout is used.

However, there are a couple of things that need to be taken into account when using Frequently Bought Together in a store with an alternative checkout.

First, the option to skip cart:

With this option enabled, after adding a bundle to the cart, the browser is redirected directly to the checkout process instead of going to the cart page.

We use the standard Shopify URL for checkouts and, as far as we know, it works well with most alternative checkouts. Anyway, the best option is to test this with your checkout and, if it does not work, disable the feature.

Second, the bundle discounts:

Frequently Bought Together has the ability to offer discounts to all product bundles or to different manual bundles. When a customer clicks on the ' Add to cart' button, the discount is automatically applied to the cart using the Shopify standard feature called discount shareable link.

While this might work well with some alternative checkouts, we have seen others that are not fully integrated with this Shopify feature. Again, the best option is to test it. If it does not work, there is nothing we can do from our side so the discount feature should be not used in this case.