Compatibility with Weglot translation app

Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot is a popular and widely-used third-party translation app for Shopify stores. 

In this article, we explain how both Weglot and Frequently Bought work together to provide the best user experience.

Frequently Bought Together displays recommendations that include the product name and optionally the product description as well as the product vendor and other relevant elements such as the add-to-cart button.

These two pieces of content will be translated by Weglot in most scenarios but in case you notice any issue you can easily configure Weglot to find and translate them.

Also, there is other dynamic content that is displayed when certain conditions are met such as the discount message.

From the Weglot settings, please go to Weglot Dashboard → Settings → Shopify settings as depicted in the screenshots below.

Scrolling down you will find the Dynamic Elements section where you can add the following selectors  .cbb-frequently-bought-container and .cbb-frequently-bought-discount-applied-message to enable the translation of the cart note text.