Export orders with tracking attribute

Also Bought has a preference to track the items added using our add-to-cart button. This preference can be found inside Tracking preferences.

Note that this preference is still maintained due to backward compatibility and its limitations are overcome by the stats section, which offers more useful and visual data.

Due to Shopify's limitations on its orders export and on its filter, orders with our attribute can not be filtered in the admin zone or in the orders export. This mainly happens because Shopify does not take into account the item line properties which is where is added the tracking attribute.

To overcome this limitation, you can use a third-party app (in this example we will be using Matrixify) to analyze your orders and extract this data. Please note that there are other options in the Shopify app market.

In this case, using the Matrixify app, you only have to create a new report using its preferences:

Then, please select the minimum data that we need to extract the tracking attribute (Line: properties):

Please note that you can add more information to your export, and for this case, we found this small configuration useful but please configure it further to your requirements:

Finally, please generate the report and download it. You will see that you have a CSV file containing all your orders information (Orders.csv). There you can take advantage of CSV readers filters to properly analyze the data:

For example, we can check only the lines which are line items and that has our custom property, and there we will be able to see all the data filtered in a bulk way:

With all this configuration, you will be able to get more refined data from the file, for example, checking the most sold products.