Filtering in the products modal

We use the Shopify Resource Picker to gather the store products and be able to select and filter the desired products in a simple way. It opens a modal dialog containing a list of the products or collections available in the store, with a search field for filtering results.

The Resource Picker will use the filter to search in all your product text properties (name, description, vendor, type, SKU, tags, ...).

That means that even if the word you use to filter does not appear in the product name but it appears in its description it will show the product as a valid result.

If you have problems filtering properly, we suggest the use of tags to differentiate products that contain similar descriptions or texts.

The Resource Picker is a Shopify component, we use it in our app but we don't have total control over its behavior.

Since the component's control belongs to Shopify, if the component doesn't perform as expected, it's probably due to a temporary glitch in Shopify which delayed receiving the data. In that case, it is best to verify that there is no error related to the way the products are displayed and contact Shopify Support if the error persists after a while.

This is the full Shopify documentation about this component: