What does full bundle mean?

By default, a full bundle consists of the current product plus all recommendations to match the setting 'Number of recommendations' configured in the 'Recommendation tuning' section:

For example, a full bundle may be filled with automatic recommendations like in the following image:

Or it can be filled with manual recommendations, as in the following images:

Although there are three manual recommendations configured, only two are displayed because two is the value of the 'Number of recommendations' setting.

Manual bundles in combination with the 'Exclusive manual bundles' algorithm yield another meaning for 'full bundle'. 

In the 'Exclusive manual bundles' mode, you can configure the app to display all the manual recommendations configured for manual bundles.

In this scenario a full bundle can consist of:

  • The current product plus the number of recommendations configured in the 'Recommendation tuning' section, for products not configured in the manual bundles' section:
  • The current product plus the total number of manual recommendations configured in the manual bundle, for products configured in the manual bundles' section. I.e., the full manual bundle.