Is Frequently Bought Together compatible with Langshop?

If you are using LangShop as your translation app, it is indeed possible to translate the app contents to other languages.

Product names and variants translations

In order to make sure that product names and variants are properly translated, you just need to drop us an email and our technical support team will make a small integration to get those translated straight away.

Other app texts translations

To configure other app texts translations, such as the title of the app or the ‘add to cart’ button text, you can do it navigating into your LangShop admin, then going to ‘Online Store’ and in the specific theme you are using, selecting the ‘Dynamic text’ and clicking ‘Translate’:


Then, click ‘Add new’ for each translation you’d like to create and configure the delimiters 'Previous char' (as >) and 'Next char' (as <), then just add the translated text in the different languages configured in LangShop. Just like that you will make sure that the dynamic texts are properly translated:

If you need more information about dynamic translations form LangShop, you can browser their documentation at: