Is Frequently Bought Together compatible with Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets ( is the future of Shopify to selling globally. It comes with various new features that will help merchants bring market-specific buying experiences. 

For example, international customers will be able to pay in their local currency and navigate through a localised version of the store in their native language.

Specifically, merchants can set different prices for their products for each configured market. All the price tuning options may be overwhelming so in this article, we will try to shed some light on this matter and outline the compatibility issues that affect Frequently Bought Together.

First of all, you can create as many markets as you need, each with its own currency setup

It's important to note that prices are set in the shop currency on the product page but they can be overridden later for each configured market. In the screenshot below, we can see a screenshot of a product configuration page where prices are set in Canadian Dollars, which is the shop currency and the default market. Note that there's a link to manage international pricing in case you have enabled more markets for your store.

Let's explore the factors that affect the product prices and the impact they have on Frequently Bought Together.

Exchange Rates

For every currency available, Shopify provides automatic exchange rates that will apply to the product prices, configured by default in the shop currency. 

However, you can set manual exchange rates for the currencies of your preference. In this case, Frequently Bought Together is ready to use them to calculate the prices displayed in the recommendation widget.

Price adjustments

Merchants can adjust the prices relative to the shop currency by a given percentage either positive (higher prices) or negative (lower prices).

Frequently Bought Together will take into account the price adjustment to display the right prices in every market.

Fixed prices

In Shopify Markets, merchants can set fixed prices for each available currency so that for example, you can set a default price in Canadian Dollars and another price totally unrelated in British Pounds for the UK market.

Frequently Bought Together will pull these prices from the Shopify configuration and display them in the widget bringing a seamless experience to your customers.

Rounding rules

In Shopify Payments, previous to Shopify Markets, Shopify allowed several price roundings for each available currency that could be changed at any time. However, in Shopify Markets, the price rounding is set to a fixed rule that cannot be changed. 

For now, the rounding configuration is not available to apps so Frequently Bought Together applies the default rounding rules for each available currency.

Finally, it is important to note that fixed prices are not rounded so the price you set is the price you will see on the storefront. In order to be consistent with the default price rounding, we recommend that you follow the same rounding for fixed prices.