Percentage discount and Shopify Markets

In Frequently Bought Together, you can offer a percentage discount to your customers globally for all bundles or selectively for some manual bundles.

Regardless of the scope, some important implications exist for applying discounts in Shopify Markets.

First of all, in Shopify, discounts constraints are configured in the shop currency, which means they are relative to the default prices, regardless of the markets you have enabled. 

Second, to avoid offering discounts that your customers could apply in other scenarios than the bundles provided by the app, we enforce the percentage discount to be a fixed amount calculated from the prices in the shop currency.

This sort of configuration narrows the discount applicability and counteracts some of the limitations of the Shopify discounts.

When it comes to Shopify Markets, the app follows the same strategy to create discounts but ensures that the amount deducted is adequately calculated in the active currency.

For example, the 15% off the bundle below yields consistent results in the default market,

and in any other market.

Your customers will see the correct amounts on the storefront and checkout.

However, if you plan to set fixed prices, it's important to consider that the 'Minimum Purchase Amount' threshold may not be fulfilled if you lower the prices relative to the default prices in the shop currency. If so, the discount could not be offered on lower-priced markets.