I don't see 'Compare at' prices on prices fixed per country

With Shopify Markets, you can configure a fixed price for a particular country. 

This can be done on your Shopify Admin, section ' Settings', section 'Markets', by selecting a market:

There you will find a list of products where you can type a fixed price for that country:

However, as you can see in the previous screenshot, Shopify does not allow to configure fixed 'Compare at' prices.

As a consequence of that missing feature, with Shopify Markets, a product with a fixed price for a country does not have 'Compare at' price for that country.

For that reason, a 'Compare at' price will not be displayed on your storefront for that particular country:

while there will still be visible for other countries:

Please note that this is how Shopify Markets works. It is not related to our app and our app cannot change it.