How can I configure a bundle discount to be combined with other discounts?

The Shopify discount system only allows combining discounts under certain circumstances, and Frequently Bought Together discounts are compatible with these options.

You can check under what circumstances discounts can be combined at this link:

In order to configure a combinable discount, just go to the app preferences page, look for the discount you want to be combined, and enable the "Combinable discount" option.

If you have set a global discount for all the bundles and you want it to be combined with other discounts, you will find this option in the 'Discounts' section:

If you have configured individual discounts for manual bundles and you want some of them to be combined with other discounts, go to the 'Manual bundles' section, look for the manual bundle to which you want to apply a combinable discount, and click on 'See bundle':

When this option is enabled, every time a customer adds a discounted bundle by hitting the 'Add to cart' button in the app widget, the discount code created can be automatically combined with other discounts.

For example, let's suppose that we have set the following percentage discount for the bundle, and we have configured it as combinable:

In the following checkout image, we can see the above discount combined with a free shipping discount:

And in the next checkout image, we can see it combined with a product  discount: