What is the Shopify storefront password?

If you're building your store, and you're new to Shopify, you may be mystified about being asked for your storefront password after some support request.

The storefront password is the password that prevents your site to be viewed while it is still under construction. In that case, your site will look like the following to an internet visitor:

If you have asked us to check something in your store, and it is password-protected, we need to know the storefront password to be able to view the site. If we don't know the password, we can only see the page displayed in the previous image.

Sharing the storefront password is a common Shopify practice, and it is not a security issue because the storefront password only grants us permission to view the public pages of the store. It does not grant anyone permission to modify anything.

Please note that your storefront password is set automatically and is not related to your Shopify login details.

To know your storefront password, you can go to your Shopify admin, click on '  Online store' and then on 'Preferences':

You can also view the password on the admin bar on the top right of your screen when you're browsing your page as an administrator: