Can I change the button text for certain products?

If you want to show a different button text for a particular product, just add the following tag to that product from the products section of your Shopify admin zone, followed by the text you want to show in the product button:


For example:

cbb-add-to-cart-button-text:Order in advance

To add a product tag, simply go to the 'Products' section in your Shopify admin zone:

Then, select a product and go to its ' TAGS' section:

Add the tag and click on the ' Save' button. 

Please note that Shopify may take a few minutes to make these changes effective. You can watch this Shopify video (starting in minute 7:00) to learn how to add new tags to products.

Note: If you plan to change the button redirect policy on all products belonging to a particular collection, you may want to use the 'Bulk Edit' function on Shopify for faster action. Simply go to 'Products', click on 'More Filters', and then click on 'Collections'.   You must select the collection you want, and select within that collection all of those products you want, then click on 'Edit products', then click on 'Columns' -->'Tags', and finally, click on the tag section for each product to get it added

Here is an example of a product with the previous tag added: