Will the 'Add to Cart' button be displayed on out of stock products?

The Add To Cart Anywhere app will not show the Add to cart button for sold-out products. No additional configuration is required.

Note: If you allow people to purchase products out of stock, then our app button will anyway display on those products as they are available for purchase. 

Our Add To Cart Anywhere app only displays the Add to cart button for products that can be purchased in your store. So, if your product doesn’t have any inventory, but it’s available for pre-order, then the app will take it into account and enable the Add to Cart button on it. 

You can control whether an out-of-stock product can be purchased or not with the following option in your product editing form inside your Shopify admin:

If you have disabled the “Continue selling when out-of-stock” option, the Add to cart button will be automatically removed from these products. However, you can always display a 'Sold out' button for out of stock products. For additional info about it, you may visit our related article.