How to show different types of variants in separate selectors?

By default, when your products have different variant options, our app shows all available option combinations in a unique variant selector.

However, if you want to show each option in separate selectors, just do the following: 

  1. Once on the Add To Cart Anywhere app, go to 'Visual preferences' 
  2. On the 'Variant selector' section, click on the 'Variant selector advanced options' to show all the different options you can configure.
  3. Enable the 'Show the different types of variants in separate selectors' option:

Once done, each one of the options you configured through the Shopify product section will have its own selector for an easier selection process. 

Note that prices will be shown only when variant prices are different from one another, as in the example above. One product doesn't show prices because all item combinations cost the same $90, and the second product does display prices, as it will depend on the chosen options.