How to place the product reviews widget in a different location

After installation, the widget keeps the Product Reviews by Shopify location. If not Product Reviews by Shopify location has been configured, the widget is automatically placed in a safe location.

If you want to change the widget position, no template transformation is necessary any more thanks to the widget location module, as its automatic placement algorithm supports all free themes and some paid themes and it is capable of selecting an adequate position to make the widget relevant to your visitors. However, for unsupported themes, the widget is placed at the bottom of the page for safety and convenience reasons.

You can access the  Widget location section on the dashboard preferences page to move the widget to another place in the product page template. There are some predefined locations for the supported themes, the most used in Shopify:

If you want move the widget to another custom location, or your theme is one of the non-supported themes, please select the  Custom location, with a selector option. You can set a jQuery or CSS selector for the HTML element in your template where you want to place the widget and type that selector in the Widget location selector field. Once an appropriate selector is assigned into the field, it is also possible to choose the placement of the widget such as after or before the selected element, or as the  last  or first child of the selected element, in the Widget placement field:

It is also possible to choose a different location for the widget on desktop and mobile devices. Simply click on the  Use a different location for mobile option.

Alternatively, if you already configured a position for the Product Reviews by Shopify, you can keep that position by selecting the Keep Product Reviews by Shopify configured location option:

If you need our assistance on relocating the widget, you can always contact us and we would be more than glad to help.