How to enable the rating badges on products collections

The Product Reviews Add-Ons allows you enable rating badges automatically on the products collections in a suitable location. No template transformation is necessary anymore thanks to the rating badges module, its automatic placement algorithm is capable of detect the product links in the products collections and selecting an adequate position to make the widget relevant to your visitors. 

However, if you want move the rating badges to another custom location, you can set a jQuery or CSS selector for the HTML element in your template where is the product link on the products collections and type that selector in the Product link selector field. Once an appropriate selector is assigned into the field, it is also possible to choose the placement of the rating badges such as after or the  last  child of the selected element, in the Badges placement field:

It is also possible to choose a different location for the rating badges on desktop and mobile devices. Simply click on the Use a different location for mobile option.

If you need our assistance on relocating the rating badges, you can always contact us and we would be more than glad to help.