How do I try Frequently Bought Together on an unpublished theme?

In our preferences pages, you can manage the state of the app in your current published theme.

But if you want to test how the app looks on an unpublished theme, you have to manually enable it from the Theme customizationApp embed section.

Follow the next tutorial to enable Frequently Bought Together over an unpublished theme.

Enable Frequently Bought Together over an unpublished theme

1. Inside Shopify Admin, go to Sales ChannelOnline storeThemes:

'Themes' inside Shopify Admin

2. Here you will see the current theme published, and unpublished themes in the Theme library section. Click over Customize for the unpublished theme.

'Themes' section,

3. Then, click over the App embeds icon to see your installed apps that support app embeds.

'Customize' theme

4. Here we can see that, for this example, we have Frequently Bought Together and it is currently disabled for this unpublished theme. Enable our app if it is disabled.

5. Finally, save the preferences to confirm the changes.

Now, the app will load, and you will be able to see it over your unpublished theme.

Preview the theme to see how it looks.

Final notes

As the app will also work on an unpublished theme, please note that some features may not be properly displayed. This is because, on an unpublished theme, not all the apps features may be able to be properly displayed in preview mode as the Shopify preview function is a simple emulator, and not all functions are available.

If you require any assistance with tuning the app, once you have published your new theme, please contact us again, and we will be more than pleased to assist you.