Product translations support

Localisation is key to expanding your business globally, and Shopify is on the right track to providing more and more tools within Shopify Markets to help you grow your business internationally.

Shopify provides an app, Adapt & Translate, designed to remove the hassle from the tedious task of translating content, including automatic translations. With Adapt & Translate you can provide translations for product titles, descriptions and product options.

Furthermore, the product handle can be customised for SEO purposes.

For more information on how Shopify helps you add product translations, please visit

When it comes to Frequently Bought Together, it is partially integrated with product translations. What does it mean? When customers reach out to your store in their local language, they will see the product recommendations translated as long you have provided translations via Shopify Translate & Adapt or a compatible app.

If you have translated your products, you must enable the following setting in the Advanced Preferences section.

We will continue integrating Frequently Bought Together with all the future translation features to help you provide the best customer experience.