Why should I update Frequently Bought Together permissions to use discounts?

Due to recent changes on the Shopify platform, Frequently Bought Together requires a different permission set to ensure that discounts work properly on your store.

If you installed Frequently Bought Together prior to September 26th, 2023, our app won't have the required permissions to manage discounts in your store. Don't worry, if you have previously configured discounts, they will be active in your store.

However, according to this announcement  https://shopify.dev/changelog/deprecating-price-rules-graphql-api, you will need to upgrade the app's permissions by April 2024. Otherwise, once this date is reached, your configured discounts will no longer be available.
To upgrade the app's permissions just go to the Discounts section of the app preferences page:

And once inside, just click on the Upgrade app button and accept the required permission set: