How can I add a bottom border to the app title?

The app does not have an option to add a bottom border to the title out-of-the-box but you can use the additional styles field to create it with a couple of CSS rules.

Select the Visual Preferences from the prerences page, there click on the title icon to show the style options. The 'Additional styles' field will be displayed untapping the Advanced options for the title link.

You can type there any CSS rules using JSON format.

The following is the code for a simple black border:

    {"border-bottom":"solid 1px black"}

You can replace 1px by the desired width of the border, such as 2px or 6px.

You can replace black by the desired colour of the border, such as red or yellow. You can find a lot of supported colour names at

For example, the following code would display a thick brown border:

    {"border-bottom":"solid 3px brown"}

Depending on your theme default styles, you can also play with the title height and bottom margin to make it look better, such in the following code:

    {"border-bottom":"solid 1px red", "line-height":"40px", "margin-bottom":"20px"}