Can we display suggestions on non-product pages?

The app was designed to display recommendations on product pages and the cart page. 

Currently, it is not possible to display recommendations on any other page such as blog posts or custom pages. 

By default, recommendations are displayed on product pages immediately after installing the app.

However, cart recommendations are optional and must be enabled manually on some themes if you want to display recommendations on the cart page.

You can enable cart recommendations using the switch to enable or disable the app on the cart page, placed on the dashboard preferences page at the top right:

Please, note that this setting enabled recommendations on the cart page, pop-up or drawer carts are not supported. If your theme implements a dynamic cart but on the contrary, you want to display cart recommendations, you must disable pop-up or drawer cart on your theme settings.

This configuration varies from theme to theme, so we suggest checking the theme documentation related to the cart feature.