How can I change the colour and style of the rating stars?

Our app can display the rating from your products if you use one of the supported review apps.

In our dashboard app preferences page you can access to the Visual Preferences section you can access to the Product rating preferences, just selecting it on the right menu or by clicking on the left stars of the product items:

There, you have to activate the checkbox Show the product rating to display the ratting icons:

And once activated, you will find the configuration options to style the rating stars to better suit your needs.

First, you can change easily the colour of the stars and, if you're familiar with CSS, you can further customise the styles with CSS rules in JSON format by clicking on 'Advance style options':

For example, the following code would add a grey shadow to the stars:

{"text-shadow":"4px 4px 2px #bbb"}

Also, you can decide display or not the review count after the star product rating.

With the previous changes, the app widget would look like the following: