Can I change the title of this app?

You can change the Also Bought title to meet your personal needs, as well as adjust the styles to match your theme.

Firstly, you will find the option to modify the title in the dashboard of the preferences page, in the section called Visual Preferences, as shown below:

There you only have to select the title and modify it:

You can customise the text to better communicate the purpose, although the default text is good enough. It can be written in any language you prefer if you store is not in English. However, it is not possible to customise the title in more than one language. For example if you write in this box: Customers also liked, the title will look similar to this:

With regard to the title styles, you can center the text, change the color, make it bold and change the font size. And you can also customise the styles of the title by adding CSS styles in JSON format, you only have to type it in the Advanced options for the title section :

If you, for example, tick the show a bold text check box and center the text above recommendation box check box, resize the text a little and write this red colour #EB4F47 the title will look like this:

Lastly, please remember to click on "Save" at the top right corner of the preferences page so that any changes can be successfully applied.