What type of subscriptions are available?

After your trial period, you will be able to choose between two different types of subscriptions to the app:

  • Monthly subscription: you will be charged each month for the next month subscription.
  • Annual subscription: you will be charged in advance for the next 12 months subscription.

If you plan to have the app enabled for less than one month, the monthly subscription is the right choice. Just remember to uninstall the app before one month passes to avoid being charged for the second month. If you have the app installed for one month and one day you will be charged for two months (this is how Shopify payments work).

If you plan to have the app enabled one month or more, go for the annual subscription as it is much cheaper than paying for each month.

Please note that we won't charge you automatically after the trial period, the app will stop working after the trial period and you will have to explicitly subscribe to one of the plans.

All payments are managed by Shopify directly using your already configured billing details.