Can I select which pictures will be displayed?

The Facebook Open Graph API in which the app relies on, has limited capabilities when it comes to sorting and filtering images.

In Facebook Image Gallery, you can only limit the number of images displayed, but not cherry-pick them. 

The app will display your Facebook album images in the same order they are in the album or in Random order. 

If You like to display the images in random order. You can enable "Randomize" option from preference page.

Note: By default, it will be enabled.

It is important to note that due to limitations on the Facebook API, it is not possible to randomise all images at once but only in chunks of 100. We cannot gather all images an then reorder them because the API can return 100 images at most per request.

But, ┬┐what if I want to display a subset of the entire album?

The only option is to do it on Facebook or create a new album with the desired pictures and link it to the app. Remember that you can add as many albums as you need to any number of pages.