How do the converted products stats work?

They display the number of products added to the cart directly or indirectly and then purchased. 

The product is considered bought when the Thank You page is reached so it will be silently ignored if the customer closed its browser window before reaching that page. 

Please note subsequent changes in the order are not taken into account. Consequently, if an order is cancelled later it will still be counted here.

Important: all conversion stats are based on the new Shopify checkout, which should be activated for all stores. If your store does not have a checkout on your own domain activated or use any alternative form of checkout, conversion stats won't be gathered.

Please note that discounts or other total price modifications may not be taken into account in the amounts displayed. This is because our stats are gathered using the cart information from Shopify and Shopify does not provide the discount information there (they only apply discounts in the checkout process, that we don't have access).