How can I change the format of the prices displayed in Also Bought?

Also Bought offers some control over the format in which prices are displayed. These options can be found through the dashboard preferences page in the Advanced preferences section:

If you enable the Use money with currency format option, you will be able to display the prices following the HTML with currency configuration from your currency formatting settings. The Use money with currency format option will format the prices according to the Currency formatting section on the Shopify Admin.

You can see here the widget with disabled and enabled the Use money with currency format option:

In the screenshot below you can see that the prices are not followed by the currency code when the  Use money with currency format option is disabled:

However, when you enable the Use money with currency format option and the shop currency formatting is properly set, the prices in Also Bought will be followed by the currency code.

If you enable the Superscript decimals options, you will be able to change decimals format.