I've been charged before the trial expiration

Our trial is customer-friendly, we never charge stores automatically.

On the contrary, you have to explicitly subscribe to the app. You can do it after the trial expiration or before it.

During the trial, at the top of the app preferences page you will see a message like the following:

If you choose to buy the app before the trial expiration, you have to click the 'Buy Now' button explicitly and following page will appear (please note the warning at the top):

After selecting a plan you have to accept again the charge:

It is very difficult that you follow all these steps inadvertently.

Please note that payments are managed directly by Shopify. It is Shopify, not us, who charges you, and then transfers our part to us. 

For that reason, we cannot create or refund charges or control the billing cycle. We don't have access to your payment data either.