How to change the product name, description and vendor styles?

Also Bought has some options to adjust the product name, description and vendor styles.

Please go to the app preferences page and find the section Visual Preferences. Here, you can click on the image's product names, description or vendors and modify some related options:

Product Name

You can edit the number of characters of the product name, the colour of the text and if you prefer it in bold or not. You can also add additional CSS styles.

To change the product name colour, you can select the colour from the palette or input the hexadecimal value.

Product Description and Product Vendor

You will be able to edit the same parameters as in the Product name. 

Please feel free to explore all the options and adjust the styles as you wish to best match your theme. Remember to click on "Save" at the top right corner of the preferences page so that any changes can be successfully applied.