How does the product type filtering work?

Shopify lets you assign a product type to each product. This can be done on the Shopify product editing page:

You can limit random recommendations displayed to products of the same type of the current product by enabling the following option in the Also Bought preferences page, inside 'Recommendation tuning':

Let's say, for example, that you are viewing a product page whose product type is 'Shirts'. The random recommendations displayed will only be products with the product type 'Shirts'.

If you have enabled shopping cart page recommendations, recommendations of all product types in the shopping cart will be displayed.

For example, if there are two products in your shopping cart, one of type 'Shirts' and the other of type 'Trousers', the recommendations displayed in the shopping cart page will be products with the type either 'Shirts' or 'Trousers'.

Please note, if there are not enough products matching the selected criteria, the recommendations will be automatically completed using random recommendations.