How can I change the product slider animation?

Animation is one of the important features of the Product slider+ app. It provides a nice look at the slider and helps on catching your customers' attention.

To access the animation preferences, you have to click on 'Config' button for that specific slider:

Animation effects on the app can be controlled effectively using these preferences.

Show background animation: to enable or disable a product images picture collages which is displayed in the background.

Autoplay: to enable or disable auto sliding of products.

Delay: number of second between each slide change.

All these three options will be enabled by default when the app is installed.

Here are few sample screenshots which shows the effects of these preferences. 

Show background animation:

Background animation is created by the app using your product images. All your product images will be collated to create a background image gallery:

In case if you don't want to run any background and you can disable it in preference page with a just single click:

getting the following result:


When 'Autoplay' option is enabled, slides will be automatically changed at a regular interval of time. 

If 'Autoplay' is disabled then products will not be changed automatically. we need to use the controls on the app bottom bar:


Delay option can be used to control the time interval in which products slides swtich in the slider: