How to add a background video to the homepage slider in Minimal theme?

Minimal is one of the most downloaded free themes from Shopify.

Taking into account that this theme has a nice homepage slider, you can take advantage of this feature and add a video to more than one slide with Video Background.

It is possible to add videos to each slide easily using the following pattern:

ul.slides > li[data-flexslider-index="N"]:not(.clone) > img

where N is the index of the slide starting from 0.

If we want to put the video on the first slide, we have to write this selector:

ul.slides > li[data-flexslider-index="0"]:not(.clone) > img

and if we want to put the video on the third slide, we have to write this selector:

ul.slides > li[data-flexslider-index="2"]:not(.clone) > img

To do so, let's go to the app preferences page and tap on  New background video at the bottom left corner. After that, let's make sure we have selected home page and let's click on Save and select target.

To make the video appear in our desired location, we need to copy the configuration mentioned above in the  Element selector field. Don't forget to click on Save, at the bottom right corner, so that the changes can be applied. 

Note that it is important to keep the target element transparent:

If we want to replace the entire slider, we can use this selector: