How to add a Facebook Image Gallery to a custom page in Simple theme?

Simple is one of the most downloaded free themes from Shopify.

With Facebook Image Gallery you can create an awesome image gallery in seconds with your Facebook pictures, this integration of your store with your social networks will definitely help your store stand out from the rest. 

If you want to have a special page for your image gallery, in this article, we will explain how to add a Facebook Image Gallery to a custom page.

First of all, if you haven't created the page yet, you can learn how to create a custom page at

Once you have the custom page ready, let's go the app preferences page and let's click on  New Facebook gallery at the bottom right corner:


In the next step, we can select the page where the gallery will be displayed. We must select  Custom page and paste the public URL into the Page field.


In the next window, we need to find an option called  "Use a CSS selector". 

To make the Facebook gallery appear in our desired location, please copy this configuration:

#MainContent .rte:eq(0)

in the  Element selector field. 

After that let's click on Save and on the next page we will be able to select the Facebook album and the gallery settings on the app preferences page.


Once we have all the settings as desired, let's click again on  Save and now you're all set. The Facebook Image Gallery will look like the screenshot below: