How does Also Bought work on Shopify Plus stores?

The Also Bought app is fully compatible with Shopify Plus stores and works smoothly on them.

Indeed, a significant amount of our customers are Shopify Plus stores: while Shopify Plus stores represent less than 1% of all Shopify stores, they are more than 7% of the Also Bought subscriptions.

Why is Also Bought the preferred recommendation app of the Shopify Plus stores?

Shopify Plus stores have different needs of regular Shopify stores in terms of scalability, performance, reliability and support.

Also Bought and the Code Black Belt team cover those needs in depth. Let see some examples:

  • One of our customers, a model building store, has a sales history of more than 1,400,000 orders. The Also Bought algorithm processes all of them to generate the automatic recommendations.
  • One of our customers, a gadget store, has more than 200,000 products. Also Bought generates recommendations for all of them.
  • One of our customers, a cosmetics company, has more than 100,000 unique visitors per day. The Also Bought widget is displayed quickly on all of them.

Also Bought can handle gracefully any number of previous orders and any number of products. It gets new orders data and product updates in real-time. It scales to manage any amount of web traffic.

App scalability is a common concern of Shopify Plus merchants as was discussed in the Shopify Unite 2017 Shopify Plus Merchant Panel:

All these features make Also Bought the preferred recommendation app of the Shopify Plus stores.