Where can I configure a Video Background?

With Video Background, is possible to add as many videos as you need to any number of pages, you can even configure several videos on the same page. But, what we cannot do, is to configure different videos in the same spot.

In this article we explain a bit about the most common places to configure a Video Background in your store. To do so, please kindly take into account the following:

  • A video can be placed in any public page including the home page, corporate pages or collection pages.
  • We can place different videos in each page (different spots) and/or we can place the same video for all pages (same spot in all pages).

To place the video on All pages/Same spot:

This can be done on most themes since the templates are hierarchical, that is, there is a master template that contains the shared elements such as the header and the footer. These are the common pieces and good candidates for the All pages option.

Let’s go to the app preferences page and then let’s tap on New background video at the bottom right corner. You'll be prompted to select the page where you want the video background to be displayed. Let’s select All pages. Once selected, please click on Save and select target.

In the next page, using the second option "Select the target element using a visual tool", please select the Header or Footer in your store. The app will show you the process to do so, you just need to follow the instructions and you’ll be all set. 

In the screenshots below you can see examples of pages with the shared elements highlighted in red. As mentioned before, the header and footer are the recommended candidates for the  All pages option.
The homepage:
Inline images 3
A collection page:

Inline images 4

A product page: