Does Video Background work on mobile?

We do our best to make the app work on all devices. Unfortunately, mobile devices have different policies on autoplaying media that change quite a lot so it's not possible to exhibit the same behaviour across all devices.

We suggest you take into account the following:

  • On Firefox and UC browser, everything works as on desktop browsers with no further issues.
  • The latest versions of Safari and Chrome will autoplay videos as long as they are muted (see for details).
  • Chrome may not play the video automatically if the 'Data saver' option is on. 
  • Some mobile browsers, like older versions of Chrome, play the video after any user interaction, for example, scrolling down the page or tapping on the video. 
  • On some older versions of Android Browser and Safari, the videos cannot be played automatically. A transparent play button in the middle of the video is shown that can be pressed to start playing the video. 

However, you can enable or disable the Video Background on mobile from the app preferences page. The app provides the option to be disabled completely on mobile devices to show a consistent behaviour across all mobile devices. 

Alternatively, you can keep this preference enabled. 

To find this option, please go to the app preferences page and tap on Config.

In the next page, in the part where it says Optional preferences, you will find the option to enable or disable the Mobile view for the video.


Please note that the thumbnail will be displayed even if this option is disabled.