Cool Image Magnifier compatibility with mobile image slider

Some themes feature an image slider in order to display the images on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Cool Image Magnifier and some image sliders use the same mobile gestures to trigger their action, which makes them incompatible to some extent.

The reason is that when you move your finger over the screen, the device has no way to know if you want to zoom in or to switch to another image because the gesture is the same for both effects.

However, usually, there are a couple of workarounds to avoid these issues.

First, you can always use the left side and right side of the images to switch images, because the loupe effect is only triggered on the center of the image.

Secondly, many sliders have some icons on the bottom which can be also used to switch images:

Finally, please note that you also have the option to disable the app on mobile (Zoom preferences):

That way your image slider will work as before.