What happens if I configure both global and individual discounts?

Frequently Bought Together allows you to configure both a global discount and individual bundle discounts.

If you have configured a discount for a particular manual bundle, it will apply instead of the global one, as long as the manual bundle meets the following requirements:

  • The main product is available.
  • There are enough manual recommendations configured for this bundle to fill the widget (at least "the maximum number of recommendations displayed").
  • All the recommendations displayed are manual.

If those requirements are not meet, and there is a global discount configured, the global discount will be applied.

For example, if the maximum number of recommendations displayed is 3, an individual bundle discount cannot be applied to this manual bundle, since the number of recommendations that are currently displayed in the widget is 2. In this case, the individual discount cannot be applied, and the global discount will be offered instead:

Please bear in mind that we are not taking into consideration the minimum bundle price to choose between individual and global discounts, but the number of manual recommendations displayed. So, if the manual bundle meets the previous requirements, but it does not reach the minimum amount configured, no global discount will be offered. Please ensure that you have configured an appropriate value for the "Minimum bundle price" of the manual bundle.

If an individual or a global discount is configured, it will be applied as long as the full bundle is available and selected (having in consideration the number of recommendations configured) and the minimum bundle price is reached.

If you want to change the number of recommendations configured please check the following article: Can I configure the number of recommendations displayed?

In regards to the minimum bundle price, it can be modified inside the discount configuration.