I have chosen the 'exclusive manual bundles' algorithm, why aren’t all my manual recommendations displayed?

By default, all bundles either automatic or manual are limited by the Maximum number of recommendations displayed setting in the 'Recommendation tuning' section on the preferences page.

In the screenshot below, although there are three manual recommendations configured, the bundle displays only two of them to honour the maximum number of recommendations setting.

However, if you don't want to apply the 'Maximum number of recommendations displayed' limit to manual bundles, you can check the 'Do not apply this limit to manual bundles' option.  

In this scenario, the manual bundles will be displayed exactly as they are configured, even if the number of manual recommendations is bigger than the limit.

Following the previous example, the manual bundle will display the three manual recommendations configured.

Please note that in this configuration, products not configured in the manual bundles' section will still be limited by the 'Maximum number of recommendations displayed' setting.

Furthermore, in this configuration, if you enable bundle discounts for your store, by default they will be applied to manual bundles only if the whole manual bundle is available and selected

This is explained in detail in the article Can I offer discounts to manual bundles of different lengths?